19 - Man's Search for Meaning I - Why should we care about what we do?

Thu, Mar 30

As we begin our unit on work we will be guided by the following learning goals: 

  • Consider the relationship between meaning and work
  • Delve into the ethicality of organizations
  • Identify sources of institutional blindspots
  • Define your personal goals and values when it comes to work
  • Analyze the intersection of individual goods vs common goods at work


We are beginning this unit by reading Viktor Frankl's autobiographical novel, Man's Search for Meaning. As we delve into this text, there are two main questions that I want to guide our conversation: Why should we care about what we do? and Does our meaning have to come from work? As well as reflection about how periods of extreme uncertainty and where there rules of life seem to completely change, how does that change us? Is technology capable of bringing about such a change?

Today's slides can be found here.

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Unit 4 Writing Reflection is due today, bring a hard copy to class.