15 - Is intelligence emergent?

Tue, Mar 07

Today we're beginning our unit on Artificial Intelligence. We'll be exploring questions relating to algorithmic systems, their emergent properties, and how we might view them as more or less ethical than us. 

Today's reading is an excerpt from the book, "God, Human, Animal, Machine". It explores an increasingly technological world from the first person perspective. This excerpt, raises questions about intelligence in algorithmic systems, and whether it matters if a robot is run by an algorithm or a human. Meghan O'Gieblyn points out that we assign human-like qualities to non-living systems, and points out associated questions of personhood.  We will discuss the significance of personhood status and moral consideration in our next class. 

The slides for today's lecture can be found here

Read This:

Via Perusall: 

Can Robots Evolve Into Machines of Loving Grace, Meghan O'Gieblyn (excerpt from God ,Human, Animal, Machine)


Do This:

Consider the following questions as we prepare for class?

  • Can synthetic (non-living) systems be emergent?
  • How might intelligence be important for ethical thinking?
  • Does it matter if the delivery robots are navigating spaces on their own or if a human was directing them?

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