10 - The Question Concerning Technology - Part 2

Thu, Sep 22

We will continue our conversation on 'The Question Concerning Technology". As you read this think about the main point pertaining to 'enframing' as well as the relationship between truth, technology, and art.

The learning goals for today are to:

  • Understand the enframing capacity of technology.
  • Understand how technology and art were related historically.
  • Understand the difference between technology and an instrument.

The slides for today's lecture are here.

Read This:

Via Perusall: 

Do This:

After you finish the readings, prepare for class by considering the following questions

  • How is technology different today than it was historically? What does that mean for our relationship with nature?
  • Why might Heidegger argue that technology is the highest danger?
  • How does Heidegger's idea of releasement help us interact well with technology?