08 - How does technology rule us?

Thu, Feb 09

"Technology rules us as much as laws do. It shapes our legal, social and ethical environments in which we act. Every time we cross a street, drive a car, or go to the doctor, we submit to the silent power of technology. Yet, much of the time, the influence of technology on our lives goes unchallenged by citizens and our elected representatives. In The Ethics of Invention, renowned Scholar Sheila Jasanoff dissects the ways in which we delegate power to technological systems, and asks how we might regain control." 

The learning goals for this class are: 

  • Consider how differing power to technology leads to social and political shifts of freedom
  • Dissect the myth of technocracy
  • Consider the responsibility of designers and users to develop technological literacy especially as it applies to power dynamics.

The slides for today's lecture can be found here.

Read This:

Via Perusall:

Do This:

Think about the following questions as you complete the readings and prepare for class: 

  1. How do Jasanoff's ideas about technology align with the theories of technological instrumentalism, determinism, and mediation?
  2. How does current technology shape future technology?

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