07 - Do no harm?

Tue, Feb 06

Today we will be reading the introductory chapters to Future Ethics by Cennydd Bowles. He is a designer turned philosopher (Oxford University). We'll read a few more chapters later in the semester, but these introductory chapters introduce nuance to the theories about the relationship between technology and society. 

The learning goals for today's lecture are as follows: 

  • Understand the mediation theory for the relationship between technology and society
  • Define the differences between, persuasive, coercive, decisive, and seductive technologies
  • understand how ethics enters the design process at the level of mechanisms built into technologies/codes


The lecture slides for today's class are here

Read This:

Via Perusall: 

Do This:

Think about the following questions as you complete the readings and prepare for class: 

  1. What ideas of technology does this reading add to our list that includes, determinism, instrumentalist, and enframing?
  2. Should technologists have a Hippocratic oath?

Watch This: