01 - Why am I here and where am I going?

Tue, Jan 17

Welcome to Engineering Seminar: Technology, Self and Society! For this first class, you should familiarize yourself with the class website. Here you will find all of the resources for this course. So take a peek around! 

In today's class, we will be thinking about how ethics might make us better engineers. To do that we have to begin with the question of why we are here and where we are going. In order to begin answering this question, we've got to break the questions down and think about our goals in life, college, and specifically this class. In class our central focus will be on what you are hoping to get out of this semester, and what big questions you might want to think about. I've prepared some readings to get your brains warmed up on ethics and consider what role it might play in your life as a professional engineer. 

This class is slightly different than most of your other engineering courses, so I will spend some time going over norms and expectations in the first class. I hope this will help set us up for a successful semester, where we are able to learn together using a Socratic, discussion-based format. This classroom setup will require a different type of homework than the problem sets that you are used to, so I want to make sure to prepare you all for success within that.

See you in class!


Slides for today's lecture can be found here.

Read This:

All readings for this class will occur through the platform called Perusall, we will use that to read and annotate the readings as we go. To complete the readings before class you will need to create an account at perusall.com you can add yourself to the course's Perusall page by clicking on the Perusall link in canvas. If you are a part of this class, and have not received further instruction via email, please email me. 

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We will be reading:

Optional readings to set the stakes for this semester: 

Do This:

Today in class we will focus on norms building and discuss how we want class discussions to flow this semester. We are doing this because discussion is the foundation for learning in this class. So as we prepare to make sure we are all starting on even footing for in-class discussions, your work for today is to familiarize yourself with the digital tools of this class. 

  1. Check out the pages within this site and identify the syllabus and writing assignments for throughout the semester. 
  2. Connect with the class via the perusall site.

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