25 - What do we owe future generations?

Tue, Apr 18

We will begin our final unit on technology and the future today. We are beginning with a think piece by Sigal Samuel, for Vox. She proposes the idea that we have the same if not a greater moral duty to future generations. This is particularly salient with regard to climate change and the development of ethical tech.


Today's slides can be found here

Read This:

Via Perusall: 

Do This:

As we prepare for class consider the following: 

  • Is it unethical to focus on moral problems in the short term rather than having equal or greater regard for future generations?
  • Do we owe more to future generations than the present?
  • What do we owe future generations?
  • How might engineers participate in promoting a good future for synthetic biology?
  • How can scientists and engineers maximize the positive impacts of bioengineering and minimize the negative ones?
  • Where might ethical thinking enter the design process of bioengineering?