22 - Why aren't you as ethical as you think you are?

Thu, Apr 06

We are continuing our unit on work, this wee we are focusing on blinds spots in business ethics. As we prepare for class today we will discuss the bias that occurs when planning for and implementing an ethical decision. The authors propose a battle between the "want" self and the "should" self, how our decisions do not always align with what we think we would do in a hypothetical situation. Contextual context changes our decisions when we are faced with them in reality. 

We will also continue working on our final papers, so I have assigned readings on technical writing mistakes and how to avoid them. 

Today's slides can be found here

Read This:

Via Perusall: 

Do This:

Bring a draft of your final paper to class today for peer review. 

Consider the following questions as you prepare for class: 

  • How are the "want" and "should" selves different?
  • How might you be able to bring them more in alignment?
  • How might recollection biases play a role in mitigating contradiction between value and action?
  • What is ethical fading and why is it important?

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