21 - How might meaning show up in your career?

Tue, Apr 04

Guest Speaker: Louisa Conwill (CS Grad Student)

Today we'll be joined by guest lecturer, Louisa Conwill, a P.h.D. Student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Before coming to Notre Dame, Louisa worked as a software engineer on the Amazon Alexa team, she also was a FOCUS missionary for two years. 

Louisa will lead a discussion on career discernment since she has worked both as an engineer and missionary. 

The Learning Goals for Class Today:

  • Understand how growing up in the meritocracy affects our career decisions
  • Think deeply about what you desire from a job, and if the career path you're currently aiming for fulfills those desires

Today's slides can be found here

Read This:

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Do This:

As we prepare for class consider the following questions:

  • What do you want for your career?
  • Do you need to find meaning and purpose in your job?
  • How does the meritocracy shape what you want to do for work?