18 - Should we trust big tech to have our best interests in mind?

Thu, Mar 23

Guest Speaker: Dr. Carloina Villegas Galaviz, ND Tech Ethics Center

Today we'll be addressing the ethicality of AI used in big tech as well as looking for ethical frameworks to evaluate the ethicality of AI. We are joined for a guest lecture by Dr. Carolina Villegas Galaviz from Notre Dame's Technology Ethics Center. The approach that we are going to focus on today is the Ethics of Care Approach to AI. It suggests a framework for building better AI systems for use in big tech settings. 


Today's lecture slides can be found here

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Consider the following questions as you prepare for class: 

  • What might the different technomoral frameworks ask of AI development?
  • How might the ethics of care framework be used to balance out the technological developments of AI in human decisions?
  • What other considerations should big tech companies have for protecting their users?

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