06 - How might scientific discoveries change our view of ourselves?

Thu, Feb 02

Today we will begin Module 2 on the philosophy of technology. To begin thinking about this topic we will begin this module with two short stories from the science fiction writer, Ted Chiang.  

The learning goals for today's class are as follows: 

  • Consider how technological or scientific insight may shape our understanding of ourselves.
  • Ask whether these changed perceptions might also apply to ethics.
  • Evaluate how scientific insight might be a tool for ethics.

The slides for today's class can be found here


Read This:

Via Perusall:

Listen or read one Ted Chiang's short stories from his anthology Exhalation, to prepare for class today. Both options are available on Perusall

  • Exhalation, Ted Chiang:  written form (Note: no annotations are required, but the reading/listening is required).
  • Exhalation, Ted Chiang:  audio version 

There is also reading on white papers for class today:

Optional reading: